Thursday, January 12, 2012

I’m offended by people who are offended.

So Cranston West High School must take down a banner that has been residing in the school since 1959 because it contained the words “Oh Heavenly Father” and ended with “Amen”. This banner clearly offended 16 year old Jessica Atheist, I mean Jessica Ahlquist to point where her daddy, I mean she, hired an ACLU lawyer to go to a federal judge who ordered the banner removed. This was deemed to be in violation of separation of church and state. At a news conference this morning, Atheist, I mean Ahlquist, a Cranston High School West junior, talked about the federal court's decision that the school's prayer mural is unconstitutional. She called it “the most important thing she had ever done.”

Look, I actually get the whole separation of church and state issue. While I don’t agree with most of it I can understand why sometimes religious symbols aren’t displayed in public places for example. I can understand why there is no prayer in school. But where are we going as a society where people are so easily offended. What’s next? Should we ban the Easter Bunny from appearing in Malls because Easter is a religious holiday? Might as well fire Santa Claus too. Heck, let’s eliminate all the holidays because somewhere, someone doesn’t believe in what we are celebrating and might be offended. Why stop there? There are lots of color blind people in the world, lets stop using colors! I mean every day millions of color blind people are deprived the joy of seeing a rainbow and can’t feel the true joy of springtime with the green leaves and blue skies. Let’s make everything in black and white before one of them hires an ACLU lawyer and sues.

Next, this is news? Really? There’s nothing better in the state of Rhode Island to worry about than some girl who doesn’t want to see a banner. The economy is in the tank, people are out of jobs, etc, etc, etc. But we have to devote time and energy so a banner can be removed because it offends one student in a school of almost 2000? I get angry and offended probably more than the next guy. Guess what I do when something offends me? “I LOOK THE OTHER WAY. If there is something offensive on television, do I hire an ACLU lawyer and sue so that it is removed? No. I CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

It seems that this young woman is very passionate about her cause and that is admirable. But my question is why this?  Why put time and energy into a cause that benefits so few and is going to anger so many? There are so many positive causes you can fight for that benefit many. Do you think she really cares about the banner? Or did Daddy and his lawyer friends decide this would be a wonderful time to grandstand and seek out their 15 minutes of fame? Ok Jess, you won. We lost. The banner is down. Thousands of people are mad at you but who cares? You proved your point. So why stop there. Your next project could be getting the “In God We Trust” off our currency. Maybe eliminated the “Pledge of Allegiance” from school. Heck, why not try to get Denver Broncos games banned from television because I know you and daddy must be offended when Tim Tebow prays and thanks Jesus. So let’s review. Winners- Jess, Jess’s Daddy, ACLU lawyers. Loser- Common Sense (again). Check back soon for our next meeting in The Middle.

                                           Ahlquist family new public enemy #1


  1. This is reminds me of when the "When the power of love" mural at Toll Gate had to be removed because it was a quote by Jimi Hendrix and someone said he was a bad influence so they removed the mural. I agree though, look the other way! Who honestly cares that much? Its a banner that has been there for so long. Why go through all of the time and money and aggravation just to have it removed? As if there is nothing better people can do with their time and energy.

    1. Once again, you have hit the nail on the head. The question we all must ask ourselves is "where does it end?" Are we leading up to canceling all religious holidays because the may offend the 3% of the population that is athiest/agnostic (thats the approximate percentage I'm told)????? Are we not going to be allowed to have "God Bless America" played at ballgames any more?? I too understand the separation of church and state, and understand how a certain few can view things as inappropriate (IE prayer in public schools, NOT a banner!). I give the girl credit in that she stands up for what she believes, as her diplomatic right, and I dont believe she deserves to be bullied, but in all fairness, she could have just turned her head and ignored it!

  2. Did you know the wording "separation of church and state" does not appear in the amendment? All the amendment requires is that the state does not establish a religion! If the banner promoted one religion over another that would be against the amendment. This whole case is ridiculous, and Jessica is a pawn for the ACLU. While she is well-spoken, Jessica does not seem to realize she is being used.
    Has the decision been made to appeal the ruling? Last I heard the banner was covered and the school, or city, was deciding whether or not to appeal.