Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here Lies Common Sense, May it Rest in Peace

Common sense is dead. How did this happen? I can’t quite be sure but it probably became official when Mc Donald’s had to start putting warning labels on their cups of hot coffee because some idiot bought coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through, spilled it on herself, and suffered  burns. She sued McDonald’s, and with the help of a clever attorney, managed to convince a jury that it was all McDonalds’ fault for not providing adequate warning that hot coffee is indeed hot, and can scald you. The lady walked away with a multi-million dollar award. In turn, McDonald’s, along with pretty much any other establishment that serves a beverage in excess of 100 degrees puts a “warning label” on their cups to inform the consumer that the hot coffee that they have just ordered is in fact, hot. Fearing future lawsuits, companies began to place warning labels in the most obvious situations making those of us with common sense left to ponder its death.

All hope appears lost. Let’s say you had fifty people on computers learning how to use Microsoft Word. Now let’s say that while showing them the various templates you asked them to find the Fax Wizard feature. How many of the fifty would begin searching the room for an actual wizard holding a fax machine? I am afraid to even find out.

I have done some research and come up with some actual warning labels that appear on products and in public. As you read them and wonder why it is necessary you are left to ponder the case of the McDonald’s coffee lady and the ultimate and untimely death of common sense.

Here’s the classic Dunkin Donuts cup warning. “So if I order a HOT coffee, this warning lets me know it is HOT?”

This Razor scooter apparently moves when used. I thought I was just supposed to hang my coat on it.

For all you dog owners out there, if they need medication, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let them drive your car!!!

Just make sure the $200 is in your wallet before you touch those wires.

“Why won’t this work?”

“But it looks like Vanilla, and Vanilla is my favorite.”

“I am in a hurry and my shirt is wrinkled”

“But Jessica Simpson said Chicken of the Sea was chicken”

I’d come to a conclusion but I am lost for words. Thanks for reading, if you like the blog tell a friend, there’s plenty of room for the rest of us in The Middle.

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  1. I generally agree with the warning label sentiment but the lady who sued McDonalds had a legitimately case. McDonalds knowingly served theory coffee at a temperature well above required hot beverage requirements. They had many reported cases of customers suffering third degree burns and market research that told them such high temperatures were not necessary but continued the practice anyway. Coffee is a hot beverage but it should not cause a third degree burn when it spills on you. That old lady got ducked up by that drink and McDonalds deserved to get sued. Here is a link to the case.