Monday, February 20, 2012


Just another Harvard Economics Grad
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you must know all about Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Lin has taken the NBA and New York by storm and has become all the rage in today’s society. Let me lend some insight as to why Lin has been such a sensation for putting up pedestrian NBA numbers. But don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and I will make the argument for him.

Lin averages about 14 points per game, good for third on the Knicks. He leads the team in assists, and is third in steals. The Knicks are also the rage around the NBA, although as of Monday February 20 they have the same record as the Boston Celtics, whose season is looked upon as a colossal failure. The theory behind Lin’s popularity is simple, he’s different, and not just his ethnicity, but his entire package. Also, let’s be honest here, if Lin played for the Indiana Pacers or the Portland Trailblazers, nobody would know who the hell he is or much less care. But, alas, he plays in New York.

This is what David Stern's NBA looks like
Lin is of Taiwanese descent. He played high school basketball in California, and was offered no scholarships. So he went to Harvard, where at least he was promised a spot on the basketball team. Brown also made the same promise. (Note: Ivy League schools do not offer traditional athletic scholarships) After a successful career at Harvard, Lin went undrafted (of course). I mean Lin could shoot, handle the ball, played four years of college basketball and graduated with a degree in Economics. What NBA team would want that guy when they could spend draft picks on college “one-and-done” players who haven’t developed their skills yet or foreign players who may never play in the NBA? He signed with Golden State, where he played in 29 games scoring a whopping 76 points. After being released and playing in the NBA Developmental League, Lin found his way to the Knicks and the rest is history.
Posterizing > Basketball Skills

As big of a sports fan as I am, I can barely tolerate the NBA. To me it is a league full of selfish, arrogant, me-first, in-your-face thugs. It’s almost like there is a decree from commissioner David Stern that all NBA players must meet some of the following criteria: played one year in college, have multiple tattoos, a criminal record, multiple children with different mothers, change their name the things like “Metta World Peace”, have one hour specials to announce where they will play, have pep rallies to celebrate their future not one, not two, not three, not four championship that they will never win, pose after every made shot, or marry a Kardashian. The NBA wants rap sheets and rap stars, not Economics Degrees. They want graduates from the School of Hard Knocks, not Harvard. They want guys who drive to the basket, dunk over someone, then beat pound their chest in celebration, not some guy hitting jump shots. Sometimes I think David Stern loves this NBA mentality, I hope I am wrong. So there’s Jeremy Lin, none of the above.
A party to celebrate...nothing

I think that the fad will fade, and Lin will quietly slip into the background. He will have a decent NBA career, but unlike many before him, Lin will use his intelligence and education to save and invest the money he makes as an NBA player. When his career is done, he will get a real job and be successful in whatever he chooses. Enjoy your 15 minutes Jeremy, you have earned it. I’ll be rooting for you. Hopefully the NBA will be too.

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